Friday Novice

  • Georgie Spence with Lss Lanzarote

  • Rosie Fry with Wish Upon a Diamond Too

  • Louise Harwood with Wishing Time

  • Rosie Thomas with Nippy Morning

  • Kitty King with Snow Wind Sn

  • Charlotte white with Pauldarys Wakita

  • Mario Carvallo Jorge with Couraguneen Jennie

  • Katie Hancock with Coddstown Pet

  • Jemima Stewart with Dual Star

Saturday BE100

  • Althea Bleekman with Ragracho

  • Hattie Rawson with Louis Girl

  • Kate Chaplin with Big Times

  • Leia Massey with Charming Princess

  • Nick Gauntlett with Kilkern Rock