Nunney International’s course designer Helen West updates on her plans for 2020.


“The revised start/finish worked well in 2019 so the plan for 2020 is to start in a similar position, but the cross country collecting ring will move further into the field and be centrally located.


I will utilise this first field more this time by running the tracks further into the bottom corner of this first field, so the first combination (at fence 4) will come roughly parallel to fence 2.


This means the road crossing will now be the second combination on the track, so I can ask more of a question with this in mind.


The track is then similar to last year, again utilising the super Nunney Hedge before dropping down to make the CCI extra loop over the natural water crossing.


The CCI tracks again make extra distance in the far filed which will have an influential double of brush corners for the 3* and a different take on this question for the 2*.


All tracks will utilise both the dewponds, which will be related for all courses. This is a great spectator viewing point situated just below cross country control.


Nunney Horse Trials have made significant investment with the purchase of numerous new cross country portables in order to comply with the 20% exclusivity for CCI tracks set out in the SFC 2020-2025 Event Standards.


All cross country tracks will benefit from these new fences which add to what are already considered to be super tracks.”