We’ve made some significant changes to the courses at Nunney International Horse Trials this year, all of which are designed to make the course more spectator friendly and enhance the viewing experience.

The start & finish have moved further up the field toward the road crossing. This means that the cross country collecting ring is just inside the field to the left of the road crossing, therefore much closer for riders which will be especially appreciated by the multiple riders! The finish will consequently be nearer the final lane crossing which removes the long gallop to the last two  fences.

The second field, where cross country control and the coffee stand are located, is particularly good for viewing, and with this in mind we have increased the use of this area to provide a brilliant viewing spectacle for visitors to the competition. An extra loop in this field, with an additional question for the CCI3-S will keep the action close. From this vantage point you can view the fences in the field below which include the most significant addition, our new dew pond which links to the existing water complex. The CCI3-S, Intermediate & Novice tracks all gain extra distance in the far field with an interesting triple brush question at the farthest point of the course.

All in all, we hope that these changes, and the significant investment we’ve made, will create a much more user friendly cross country track, both for spectators and competitors, with a real hub of activity at cross country control where three quarters of the track is now viewable from this vantage point.