I had a productive site visit to Nunney last week where I finalised my tracks for Nunney 2017. My plan to reverse the tracks has come together and I am delighted to say that the courses will have a fresh feeling to them this year, whilst maintaining many of the features which we know work well.

The CIC2* will be near maximum distance and will ask a good variety of questions at this level. My aim is to get horses into a rhythm and jumping confidently at the beginning of the track, and to build up to asking the bulk of the questions at the appropriate point in the course. The track will test boldness as well as accuracy and will encourage positive riding.

The Intermediate track will follow a similar route to the CIC2* but will omit one loop and a couple of the combinations will be slightly more straight forward.

The Novice track is near maximum distance and will be educational for horses at this level, asking similar questions to the higher level tracks but in a simpler version. It is important to prepare horses for the next level, so asking similar questions across the levels where appropriate helps with this, as well as keeping the visual cohesion by theming the courses.

The BE100 will also have an array of questions, for example it will include water, a half coffin, drop, corner and an angled combination.

All courses will be flowing and promote good jumping, offering horses a positive experience.

Pictured is Helen West competing at NIHT – www.malcomsnelgrove.com